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Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria

The Dubai Service Excellence Scheme is membership based, where members comply with the code of business ethics and satisfy the criteria for customer service excellence.  It is intended & also expected that DSES membership will become a valuable and prestigious honor for members upon consistently upholding better customer service standards at their business premises.
The criteria for approval of DSES membership are based on achieving minimum scores (75%) on Membership Readiness Test reports. With the clear understanding of the basic fact that every different product/service has different service delivery fundamentals and its own industry standards, upon thorough consultation & industry experience, DSES has developed custom designed sub criterions to evaluate customer service standards in accordance with appropriate business category.
Currently DSES covers different set of standards evaluation criteria for any of the following business types: and member’s commitment to the standards is periodically monitored through vigilant mystery shopping process.
  1. Apparels
  2. Auto Showrooms
  3. Cafes
  4. Electronics
  5. Footwear
  6. Furniture
  7. General Retail
  8. Jeweler Stores
  9. Money Exchange services
  10. Optical
  11. Pharmacies
  12. Restaurant
  13. Retail Banking Services
  14. Services
  15. Travel services
  16. Government Services
Members have the collective responsibility of upholding the service standards and guarding the scheme against negative publicity and malpractice.

Membership Prerequisite

To qualify for the scheme applicants must obtain the following:
  1. The business must fall under one of the existing DSES category.
  2. A valid trade license registered with the appropriate government authority in the UAE.
  3. The Business must accept the DSES code of business ethics and act upon shortcomings if any.
  4. PRR application (Pre Registration Request form) signed by the highest authority in the business, thus accepting the Code of usiness Ethics.
  5. The business must score above 75% in the MRT Report (membership readiness test).
  6. The business must apply for all outlets in Dubai registered with same brand name.
  7. The business must accept the terms & conditions outlined by DSES Secretariat.

Code of Business Ethics.

All members of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme are required to adhere to "The Code of Business Ethics". They are listed below as follow:
  1. To display prices clearly on all products as appropriate.
  2. Never trade in counterfeit products.
  3. Have a clear policy for refund, replacement, repair or rework for defective or damaged products and/or incomplete service.
  4. Offer products with valid guarantees and warranties, where appropriate.
  5. Adding value to products with reliable, accessible after-sales service, as appropriate.
  6. Ensuring the Employees knowledge is compatible with the range of products and services offered.
  7. Undertake to train and develop employees.
  8. Avoid health and safety risk to customers and employees.
  9. Support an environmentally friendly policy.
  10. Be a good ambassador for DSES and act immediately to rectify shortcomings outlined in the DSES mystery shopper report

Mystery Shopping.

The purpose of mystery shopper is to help members understand customer expectations and to enhance employees’ customer service awareness.
It is impossible for managers of a business to be available at all outlets in order to supervise the shop floor staff, to know customers’ service expectations, which are so vital for the building of a brand. We provide owners, and managers the vital information required to help them see their business from the customers’ viewpoint in order to design a memorable happy customer shopping experience, which in turn will impact the reputation of your business. DSES pays special attention to the quality of mystery shoppers’ reports. All our reports have been individually designed to suit your business, however additional questions may be considered on request. Your membership will entitle you for 4 mystery shopper reports per annum. However, DSES members may choose to order additional mystery shopper visits per outlet per month/fortnight at a nominal additional cost. For details, refer to cost of membership section on this website.
The mystery shopping techniques and reporting structures have been developed to suit appropriate business categories. Many membership categories have been created to cover different aspects of service deliver in different businesses category based on different product or service.


  • DSES is using Mystery Shoppers from different Service providers.
  • Consist good mix of Dubai’s diverse ethnicity
  • We ensure that they fit in as normal customers.
  • Each shopper is recruited for their communication and observation skills, to ensure accuracy.
  • You may specify that shoppers meet certain demographics if desired.


  • DSES Mystery Shoppers are trained to meet the specifics of your business category.
  • DSES shoppers visit your locations as directed and conduct a normal customer inquiry and/or transaction under supervision.
  • The shoppers then complete a questionnaire custom-designed for your business category, which covers all aspects of their visit.
  • The completed questionnaires are sent to us for an accuracy review.
  • Then they are forwarded to you immediately.
  • You review the reports with management and staff and plan the action to be taken.

Membership Benefits

  1. Constant customer service standards measurement & feedback: You will receive 4 FREE mystery shopper reports per year, helping members to identify areas of strengths and methods improvement.
  2. High performing outlets & Brands stand a chance being recognised by Government of Dubai & Dept of Economic Development.
  3. Your management team will be invited to attend the DSES Workshops and seminars on Customer Service such as the “Share Best Practices”.
  4. DSES will endorse & promote all members as esteemed businesses supporting customer service initiative.
  5. Your business will benefit from the kudos, good-will and PR publicity of the DSES scheme.
  6. You will be entitled to display the DSES logo on all registered outlets and marketing materials, You will receive DSES Material (certificate, trophy, window stickers and badges, etc).
  7. DSES will keep you informed of the latest innovation in retail and brand management.
  8. DSES Service Quality Mark; will help you consolidate and reinforce the investment you have made in your business as a brand.